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SES invests heavily in technology to make our solutions intuitive, robust, and efficient for our clients and business partners. Through the voice of our customers, our insurance professionals, and system engineers, we continuously collaborate to bring increased efficiencies, capabilities, and innovations to market.

We stick to our core and stay true to what we are uniquely good at. At the same time, we partner with other industry leading solution providers to offer our clients the right solutions with reduced operational expenses. With our partnerships, we also make sure to reduce risk exposure while ensuring data integrity, single point of entry, and synchronicity with our clients’ internal and third party systems through API integration web services and other various file transfer protocols (FTP). SES has acquired data from several notable third party information providers to improve data quality as well as the overall user experience.

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Our data-driven company has the ability to provide real-time information to our clients and business partners in a variety of methods. With our advanced data technologies, our internal business intelligence team leverages PowerBI, risk modeling, and other proprietary tools to drive best practices, make strategic decisions, and further support creative solutions.